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Below are questions that I have received via e-mail or PM on the GenEdit2K forums. If you want to send in your questions, just drop me an e-mail and I will post the answers here!

From: General Steve - (01/01/03)

1. Is there a menu like all Command and Conquer games on the side that allows you to build units and structures?

Yep, itís the bottom bar that you can see in most screenshots. Itís really easy to use, too! All you have to do is select the building from which the unit you want to build (i.e. to train infantry, click on barracks) and then click on the unit. Itís easy and fast. Same goes for structures, except you just click on your worker/dozer.

2. Is U.S.A. particle cannon as weak as the one in Tiberian Sun?

No, the Particle Cannon is very effective. It can take out any building besides the Command center, and is the only super weapon capable of taking out any single GLA structure completely (besides the Scud Storm). You see, the others are an instant effect; they explode and thatís it. The Particle Cannon travels, meaning that once it destroys its target, itíll keep on going and will destroy the GLA hole. The Nuke will not do this, therefore I sometimes prefer the Particle Cannon more.

3. Are the superweapons bigger than the ones in Red Alert 2?

You bet ya! Iíll try to get an in game movie or three showing off all the super weapons some time in the next few weeks or so, but it depends on my computer situation.

4. Who do you think is the strongest side?

All sides are very powerful. I personally have learned how to defeat people with any of them, and I can hold my ground. It all depends on your playing style, really. If youíre one for brute force and ass kicking, China is going to be your team to choose. Take up the USA if you like high-tech units and strategies, but if youíre a trickster and master of disguise, youíre probably going to want to be the GLA. My personal favorite side is the GLAÖ.for the moment.

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