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Want to win something for making killer maps? Wait no longer! GenEdit2K is holding a Map Contest to see who is top dog at making Maps. Prizes include a copy of Generals, an Optical Mouse, and some other goodies. Don't sit there, GET MAPPIN!

- Morph

Uni's Map Roundup posted on 03/30/03

20, is the lucky number for today.

  • 11 from CnC: Unleashed,

  • 5 from CNCDEN,

  • 2 from CnC Matrix, and

  • 2 from CnC Sector.

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Unidentifiedname

  • Rodents Own Me posted on 03/29/03

    It's a proven fact, Rodents now own me. Skwerl made me post this. (it actually is pretty dang cool though!)

    DZ's been workin on his mod for Generals and it looks absolutely awesome. He's got a few shots and some info up at DZ Online. Here's a bit:

    Players can now choose to play each side as one of 3 Generals, each of which specialises in one aspect of warfare, effectively giving you 9 different ways to play the game and adding some serious fun to LAN games when you team up with other Generals. In the second pic, you can see how the GLA Warlord General has the ability to upgrade some vehicles with even more scraps, eventually making the Marauder into a tripple-barelled juggernaught.

    For the pic of it and more updates, head to DZ Online NOW!

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Morphious

    Uni's Map Roundup posted on 03/28/03

    A total of 43 maps have been released in the past 3 days. Here's the list of them in descending order:

  • 18 from CnC: Unleashed,

  • 11 from Planet CnC.

  • 5 from CnC Combat Zone,

  • 4 from CnC Matrix,

  • 3 from CnC Generals World, and

  • 2 from CnC Sector.

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Unidentifiedname

  • True War's Update posted on 03/28/03

    Mod site True War has posted up a few models of units to be in their upcomming mod. Two big aircraft and a sweet looking tank. Go take a look!

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Morphious

    New Tutorial posted on 03/26/03

    Proclone has whipped up a new tutorial for you guys. This one is good for you 3D modelers; it's about W3D Material Application.

    It's about a page long and can be found here.

    If you're having further problems and want some help with the modelling portion of your mod, Proclone has offered his services in the forums. You can ask him anything concerning 3D Modeling and he'll be sure to help!

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Morphious

    Gernader8 Models the C-130 posted on 03/26/03

    Hosted site GenTeam2K has just released another model.

    This time it's the C-130 for Nod and Gernader8 takes the applauds here. Click on the pic below to go check it out!

    [Click to enlarge image]

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Morphious

    Sorry.... posted on 03/26/03

    Sorry for not being able to get these maps out the door, I've got a presentation in school today and had to be sure I'd be ready for that; took longer than I expected.

    In either case I've got over 10 new files (13 to be exact) to take a look at, so that should keep us busy through the weekend!

    : c o m m e n t : - - : s e n d :
    - Morphious

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